Amy Taylor – Freelance Writer

For work, I am a professional freelance writer and editor. As a mom with four kiddos, I am basically a professional plate spinner. Think of me as a mash-up of Mary Poppins and a little bit of Regan from The Exorcist.

I like to find the humor in the everyday bizarre experiences I seem to stumble upon. If you can’t laugh at yourself, covered in human feces (and not even your own), who can you laugh at?

Looking for a freelance writer? If you loathe writing but you still need content I can help. Remember that PBS show Ghostwriter? That’s me — only I’m still alive. I have experience blogging for clients in many different industries and can make you look like you’re a fabulous writer and an expert in your field.  Meticulous copy editing gives me a special thrill – sick, right? If you need an infusion of humor in your content, I’m your woman.

Want more information about rates or how I can help with your next project? Email me at

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